Analog Digital Trainer

This trainer is designed to simplify designing of digital and analog circuits. It contains most of the necessary test equipment needed to build and test these circuits.

Solderless Breadboard

Interconnected with min 2820 tie points nickel plated contact, all DIP sizes and all components with lead and solid wire .It should be changed and replaced for dierent purpose and should be connected with demonstration panel.

High level, high quality digital-analog trainer
Combines all essential function of analog and digital experiment With removable breadboard
DC power supply
function generator, two pulse switches
2 1/4 inch 8 ohm 0.25W speaker
Dc Power Supply : Fixed DC output: +5V, 1A Fixed DC output: -5V, 1 A Variable DC output: 0V to +15V, 1 A. Variable DC output: 0V to 15V, 1 A. Potentiometers: Variable resistor: VR1 = 1k Variable resistor: VR2 = 100k
Function Generator: Frequency range: 1Hz 10Hz 10Hz 100Hz 100Hz 1kHz 1kHz 10kHz 10kHz 100kHz
Amplitude: Sine wave output 0 10 Vpp variable Triangle wave output 0 10 Vpp variable Square wave output 0 10 Vpp variable TTL mode output 4 Vpp Sixteen Bits Data Switches : 16pcs toggle switches and Corresponding output point.
SPEAKER: 2-1/2 inch diameter, 8 ohm/0.5W to be used for load. FOUR CHANNEL ADAPTOR Both of the two banana sockets' and two BNC jacks Point tips are changeable. Min Two Digits Of 7 Segment Led Display Numerical designs and resultant displays SIXTEEN BITS LED DISPLAY 16 red LED separate input terminals.