With dedicated hosting it’s all yours

Hosting Your website on one of our dedicated server

Gives you more power to grow your business. It's the ultimate in speed, flexibility, and control.

Alpha Soft's Managed Dedicated Server Solution comes fully Configured with Web Server, FTP Server, Database Server (SQL Server & MySQL) and secured with Firewall.

Our team of specialists custom builds and racks your server, connecting it to the network within 24-72 hours.You are able to increase the available storage on your server on-the-fly, in realtime, without any server admin assistance.



A whole, beautiful server all to yourself.

    Top Features
    CPU - 2.3 GHz
    CPU - 4 Cores
    CPU - 4 Threads
    CPU - 3 MB Cache
    RAM - 4 GB
    RAID Level 1 Storage - 2 x 500 GB
    Network Bandwidth - 5 TB Free Domains - 1 Dedicated IPs - 3


For the highest of high-performance sites.

    Top Features
    CPU - 3.3 GHz
    CPU - 4 Cores
    CPU - 8 Threads
    CPU - 8 MB
    Cache RAM - 16 GB
    RAID Level 1 Storage - 2 x 1000 GB Network Bandwidth - 15 TB Free Domains - 1 Dedicated IPs - 5

Hosting that’s totally dedicated and fully loaded

Forget pushing limits. With your own single-tenant server there are no limits to how you can customize, optimize and manage your resources. And Alphasoft will be right there to help you maintain and update it all.