Best Inventory Management Software Built For Growing Businesses

  • One Inventory Management Software to handle all your inventory operations.
  • Manage Orders
  • Track Inventory
  • Oversee Warehouses
  • GST Billing & Return Filing


Easy & Fast Billing

Improve Billing Speed by 40% by Quick Searches, Shortcuts, Barcode Scanning etc. Handle all your sales and purchases operations, manage invoices and bills, and also track payments.

Order Calling

To simplify the order taking process, connect your mobile with system by scanning QR code & place calls directly to customer for receiving orders in just 1 click

Warehouse Management

Efficiently manage & track your stock in different warehouses, godowns or shops centrally from Marg Inventory Software. Track item movements and generate customized specific reports

Monitor Purchase

Manage all your bills, vendor details and purchase orders in a single place. Make your buying process more effective by setting reorder points with smart automation features

Centralized Dashboard

Get a quick update & view all your order status & transactions on a centralized dashboard system. Get deep insights into your business from a single screen & make data-driven decisions

My shop QR code

Ensure 100% safety & save time. List & upload products, schemes, offers in QR code. Print & paste outside your warehouse/ counter where customers can directly scan & place orders

Live Credit Limit Management

Set & track the credit limit for customers to save huge losses. Get live notification during billing whenever the limit is reached

Connected Banking

Experience online banking inside Marg ERP integrated with ICICI Bank. Manage all type of bank transactions i.e. NEFT, RTGS etc. including Auto-Bank Reconciliation with 140+ Banks

GST Ready Solution

GST Billing & Return Filing made easy with Marg GST ready Inventory Software. File GST Returns, TCS & TDS directly from GST Software. Run Internal Audit to ensure 100% error-free reports

Send Bills on Whatsapp

Send Invoices, Outstandings, Stock and Sales Analysis etc. & various reports to customers directly on their WhatsApp through Software. No need to send from the phone

Purchase & Sale Claim

Get reminders of schemes & benefits of claim against the purchases done. With Claims & Statements feature in Marg Inventory Software claim all offers & schemes from vendors on time

eBusiness Apps

Stay connected & get real-time updates on all order status on your mobile phone. Manage and complete orders, receive payments on the go. Easily keep accurate inventory by updating your stock in real-time

SMEs, MSMEs Or Large Scale, Marg Inventory Software supports all Businesses

Barcode Scanning

Marg Inventory Software is compatible with different types of barcode scanners which makes it easy to add SKUs, serial No., batch No. to track & search item in real-time

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of all saleable items, accessories, substitutes and even expiry dates with the advanced search options & shortcuts of Marg Inventory Management Software

1000+ MIS Reports

Get complete control over your inventory, vendor payments, item details, purchase orders and stock valuation from a range of MIS reports which can be customized, downloaded and shared easily

Reorder Across Multiple Locations

With constantly moving stock & changing customer demands it is tough to predict when to reorder. Restock ahead of time by using existing sales data with Marg Reorder Management feature. Set location-specific re-order points to automatically place order

Dispatch Management

Marg Inventory Software also helps you monitor packages and shipments to keep your deliveries on time. Track order at every stage from billing till delivery with specific colour indication.